Peter Bauwens (dec. 5th 1959)

The best way to describe Peter's career is by splitting it up in his career as a performing musician & keyboardplayer on stage, and his work in recording studios as arranger/
keyboardplayer/vocal coach/record producer/songwriter.

Performing musician

Peter started playing "in front of an audience" at very young age: When he was 10 years old, he began playing in the local Church on sundays. It's there where he discovered his big love: the Hammond Organ (it was a 1968 type H112 with 122 Leslie). He learned to accompany the youth choir just by doing it. He continued to do this for 8 years.

At the age of 16 he started playing in little bands with one main goal in mind: playing on the real stages, on saturday night. The variety in different kinds of popular music he went through as an amateur during those early years and later on is enormous : Rock & Symphonic Rock (He was a fan of Yes), Latin & Afro Cuban, folk out of Peru, the complete Elvis repertoire, Close Harmony, Funk, Rhythm & Blues, Cajun, Soul, French "Chanson", Afro-World Music, theatre, and a lot of ballroom dancing bands & cover groups. In '86 Peter even played in an occasional cover band with Jan Hendriks and Ernst Jansz, two former members of the "Dutch Beatles": DOE MAAR.

In 1982, Peter graduated as a social worker, but his musical career turns more or less into something professional, when he was asked by local celebrity WIM DE CRAENE to join his band. ('82-'86). With Wim Peter performed also many times live for television and radio shows.
And from then on, nothing could stop him from achieving a real career in the music business. His talent got discovered by other Flemish established artists such as JOHAN VERMINNEN ('84), MIEK & ROEL ('87 - '90) a.o..

In 1986 Peter was asked by Freddy Cousaert, promotor of American Soul Artists such as Johny Guitar Watson, Isaac Hayes, Junior Walker, Marvin Gaye, a.o. to join the tour band of 'Soul legend' RUFUS THOMAS for a European tour. "Mr. Funky Chicken" Rufus Thomas was back in the early seventies a recording artist for the Memphis Soul "STAX" label, and his most popular song of Rufus is probably "Walking the dog", covered by the Rolling Stones. The band that did the tour with Rufus was very talented: Trumpet player Collin Graham came from England where he recorded and toured with "Wham", the first popular project of Georges Michael, the guitar player René Barneveld and bass player Sylvano Matadin were later on key members of the Dutch band "Urban Dance Squad". Peter was asked again to join Rufus' tourband for two more tours ('86 & '87), including several television shows in France and Germany. During the last tour Rufus was joined on stage by his daughter CARLA THOMAS.

At the end of 1990 Peter joined Belgians best ever Rhythm & Blues Band "BLUE BLOT". Besides the recordings of 2 albums, Peter performed with Blue Blot in Belgium, France, Holland, Germany and Switserland.

In 1994 Peter was musical director of the recording of the live album of belgian popular band THE DINKY TOYS, and played keyboards during this concert.

Because of too much activities in the recording business, Peter went since 1994 more 'low profile' as a performing keyboardplayer on stage. Besides a cover band "just for fun", Peter went back to his roots and plays again...... in Church ! Not with a choir this time, but with a very good singer, Chelsy, and with a fellow top musician: trumpet player Eric Verhaege.

"I like playing in Church, especially during weddings, because the "audience" is most of the time in a very cheerfull mood and pays a lot of attention during our performance. Those are most of the time very emotional moments and it's there where our music expresses the essence of itself: emotions.
We play a very nice repertoire of hihg quality, and for me it's an ideal way to keep up with the feeling of playin in front of a live audience".

Work in recording studios as arranger/keyboardplayer/vocal coach/record producer/songwriter

1984 - '87

With the opening of a new small recording studio in the neighbourhood of Gent, the Top Studio, Peter was asked to write the music and with studio owner and producer PETER GILLIS to produce the recordings for advertisements for radio & television. They worked together with television star ZAKI, and made ads for companies like a.o. Palm, Lois, Camel, Het Nieuwsblad, Stad Gent, Snauwaert, Chaudfontaine, Citroën.

Peter was also asked to write music and to produce recordings for "industrial video presentations". He wrote a lot of functional music for a.o. New Holland, Walker, Sidmar, Vynckier, Cera Bank, Quick Hamburgers, etc.

Also in 1984, Peter joined for his civil service (substitution for military duty) the Expression Theatre EXCES. He wrote the music for several theatre shows and produced for Exces his first single.


In march 1987 Soul legend RUFUS THOMAS recorded a single "Sweet Soul Music" in Brussels. Peter Bauwens was co-arranger and assistant to the producer for this record. One of the backing vocal singers was STANLEY WADE, member of Disco-Soul band THE TRAMMPS. (Later on, Stanley introduced Peter to VIOLA WILLS and C.B. MILTON). During these recordings, Peter met MICHAEL LEAHY, an Irish journalist who lives in Brussels. Michael Leahy will later on become part of a team that will write songs for several artists like 2 Unlimited and CB Milton.

In the summer of '87, Peter wrote with his friend Luc Soens a musicall for the childeren of a primary school in Gent. "Juf we maken er een musical van" is the dutch title of it, and Peter produced with Peter Gillis an album of this musical. The artwork for the sleeve of this album was made by international known flemish painter and sculpurist OCTAVE LANDUYT. The musical was performed several times by the childeren of this school a.o. in the Casino-Kursaal in Ostend and the Academy in Gent.

1988 - '89

In 1988 Peter was introduced by Peter Gillis to PHIL WILDE, a localy successfull DJ, and who was also involved into songwriting and record producing. They decided to work toghether and this collaboration will result later on in the founding of their music company SOUNDSATIONAL PRODUCTIONS & SONGS", and means for Peter a real big step forward in his career.
In 1989, Peter and Phil did their first record productions together, and recorded a.o. a single with VIOLA WILLS

Since 1988, Peter made major contributions as songwriter, arranger, keyboardplayer and/or vocal coach to records of a lot of known and unknown local artists, such as : Petra, Danny & Conny Fabri, Pascal Laurent, Sam Goris, Rita Deneve, Frank Valentino, Blond, Niels William, Sha-Na, Kaye, The Dinky Toys, River Blue, Eigentijdse Jeugd, Boyz, Wild, Man Machine, Pop in Wonderland, Pearl, The Noize and many others.


Since 1990 Peter realised several musical productions for youth-theatre NEON. Important productions were : "Ladies in Love" and "Once on this island".

1990 was an important year for Peter: together with co-producer Peter Gillis and Lyricist Jan De Vuyst he wrote and produced a record for young artist ISABELLE A. The Track "Hey Lekker Beest" became a major flemish hit, and number one in november of that year. This record remained for over 6 months in the flemish Top 20, and obtained golden and even platinum status. This record was the start for a succesfull career as songwriter and record producer for Peter.
The collaboration with Peter Gillis was a real succes formula. For artist Isabelle A, they wrote and produced till 1993 three albums and each album got the golden status. Several singles were number one in Flanders and became also golden records.

In 1991, trumpet player CALVIN OWENS (arranger/musician for B.B. KING), who played also with Blue Blot, asked the members of this band to play a track on his solo album "True Blue".
B.B. KING appeared as a special guest on this record.

In 1992, PHIL WILDE and JEAN-PAUL DE COSTER scored a huge international hit with "Get ready For This". It was the start for a major international career for the project 2Unlimited with big hits worldwide. The innovative strong sound of producer Phil Wilde in combination with the supercommercial songs was new to the Dance Music scene. From the 2nd single on Phil asked Peter to become the vocal coach of Anita, and to co-write several tracks and co-produce the ballads for 2 Unlimited.
As a songwriter, "The Real Thing" of 2 Unlimited was the biggest hit for Peter.
For his contributions to this project, Peter was awarded with several golden and platinum records.

In 1992 Peter and Phil founded their production company "SOUNDSATIONAL PRODUCTIONS & SONGS" and they start working with Dutch artist C.B. MILTON, to develop his recording career.
They obtain several top-ten hits in Holland & Belgium, with a.o. "Send me an angel", and a number one in Belgium with "It's a loving thing". The hihgest position in England was number 38. They recorded with C.B. Milton three albums between 1993 and '98.

In 1993 Peter and Phil co-wrote and produced the single "It's OK-Allright" for Rap group "DEF DAMES DOPE" and this track became a hit in Scandinavia, Israel, South Africa and number one in Holland and in Belgium. The first album of D.D.D. became gold in Belgium, and several singles were number one in Belgium.

1995 - 2009

Due to the previous succes, Peter and Phil were asked to produce several remixes for artists like René Froger, Technotronic and Soulsister.

With the remake in 1997 of 2 Unlimited, Peter was asked again to co-wrtite songs and to take care of the vocal coaching of the artists. The new formula was never as strong as the first edition, but top ten hits were achieved in Holland, Belgium and Asia.

Peter did in collaboration with producer Joey Balin (Soulsister, Fabienne) a lot of remix-productions for local succesfull Greek Artists for Polygram in Athens, wich resulted in two albums "The remix-collection".

In 1999 Peter produced together with co-producer Ronald Vanhuffel (The Dinky Toys) the album "Boven" of the succesfull Dutch rock band BLØF. This band is very popular in Holland and over 170.000 copies of this album was sold (golden & platinum & double platinum record).

During the summer of 2000, Peter and Ronald produced the next album of Bløf, "Watermakers". This album was rewarded with a golden and platinum record.

In spring 2001 the same producers team produced the new record "Puur" of the popular Dutch band "Volumia". This record became gold and platinum.

And during the summer Peter and Ronald were asked again by the members of Bløf, after the sudden death of the drummer of the band Chris Götte to produce a third record "Blauwe Ruis". This record was released in january 2002 and was soon rewarded with gold, platinum and double platinum.

In spring of 2002 Peter produces togehter with Phil Wilde one song for the album of “Star Academy”- band : “K-otic”

November 2002 January 2003 Peter and Ronald produce the first solo album of Xander de Buisonjé, former lead singer of "Volumia". This record is released in april of 2003.

In may 2003, Peter is asked to co-produce (with Phil Wilde) 3 tracks for the album of young Dutch artist "Jim". This singer also records 2 songs that Peter co-wrote. Album & singles become number one in the Dutch charts.

In november 2006, Peter writes for Bløf the string arrangement for their track “Donker hart” on the world-album “Umoja”

In June 2007 produce Bauwens/Vanhuffel the first album of “Idols 2007”-winner Dean.

In 2008, Peter writes for Bløf the string arrangements for their albums “Oktober” (2008) and “April” (2009).

In 2009 Peter works with producer Ronald as keyboardplayer, arranger, vocal coach and backing vocalist for the seccond album of Dean (“Desire”) , and the first (“De smaak van water”) and seccond album of “Roel Vanderstukken”.


In 1998 Peter has been asked to teach at the Conservatory in Gent in the new department for Record Producers and teaches "Combo", "Analysing Popular Music" and "Midi &Sequencing". This activity stopped in 2007.
In 2008, Peter started teaching at The Fontys Rockacademy in Tilburg in Holland and teaches music theory and songwriting.

Although the music business is more and more difficult to work in, Peter continues doing the things he always did : trying to creat new projects, writing songs and arranging.